Crow, Raven or Blackbird Costume

Crow, Raven or Blackbird Costume


I made this costume for a traditional version of The Snow Queen, which I wrote and copyrighted in 2016. This character is Ravenna, a blabber-mouthed and paranoid raven who escorts Gerda on her journey to rescue Kai. 

The costume consists of a ladies lace blouse attached to a ruched chiffon dress, attached cape, attached hood with feathers, leggings, satin slippers with attached feet and long fingered gloves.

The dress has faux flower petals attached randomly to represent feathers. A hood is attached to the blouse collar and a band of feather boa is stitched to the edges. The cape is a loose crocheted netting with hundreds of petals stitched in rows across it. The polyester leggings have petals hot glued to the ankle area. The gloves are handmade from very heavy spandex. They have very long fingers filled with a strip of thin foam. While gesturing, these flop and look hilarious. They have silver contrasting details drawn on with paint markers. Lastly, the slippers are basic satin ballet style with a stuffed extension to represent a floppy foot. At the end of each toe is a claw made from a faux fingernail. These are hot glued and stitched on.  


SIZE: Juniors 1-2 or Ladies XS to S (all fabrics stretch, exact measurements on request)

CONDITION: Great, no tears or damage. The slipper bottoms have a strip of gaff tape to give a bit of traction. 


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