Lumiere Costume (8 pieces)

Lumiere Costume (8 pieces)


Lumiere's costume consists of eight pieces: jacket, vest, pants, boots, candle headpiece and candle hands.

The majority of the trim on this costume is painstakingly hand stitched on.

The candles are made from plastic, then covered with batting and stretch lace, with hand stitched drips. The hands have black sweater cuffs and bars inside to hold. Metallic foam 'flames' add to the sparkle. The headpiece is a black straw hat with the candle attached. NOTE: the headpiece is heavy. 

The boots are made from a heavy stretch material. They are like super thick swimsuit fabric socks with heels. The trim is hand stitched.

SIZE: Juniors Large or X-Large (Ladies X-Small or 0-2) The boots are size 6.

CONDITION: Worn for four performances but is as new. 


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