Dark Elf or Dwarf Armor set

Dark Elf or Dwarf Armor set


I made this costume for a traditional version of The Snow Queen, which I wrote and copyrighted in 2016. This character is Dokkalfar, an evil dark elf who attacks Gerda on her journey to rescue Kai. 

The armor consists of a chest plate with attached three piece pauldrons, back shoulder plate and an attached five piece belt that buckles in the back. The bracers have metal eyelets and para cord closures. Underneath is a black tshirt with a piece of glitter mesh stitched to it to represent chain mail. My character was only seen from below, at a distance in low light so he didn't need much else. 

This armor is quite heavy. The main construction is thick, closed cell foam with layers of heavy felt and vinyl. The breast plate and bracer vinyl is woven into a crosshatch pattern. The edges are a soft silver vinyl. The vinyl is all distressed with marks and cuts, plus rubbed with a compound to represent rust. The celtic design is drawn on in marker paint. Most of the buckles are operational, not just for show, though they do not change the size of the suit. The pieces are attached with para cord and could be loosened a bit, if needed, to fit a larger person.

SIZE: Adult S to L, possibly XL

CONDITION: Well, it's distressed... but has no unintended damage.


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