Life Sized Crocodile Puppet

Life Sized Crocodile Puppet


Big ole crocodile. He's stuffed with cups in each foot for shape. He's about 6' long and about 22" wide. He's made from a embroidered polyester caftan that I found at a cool thrift store. He has two dowel rods in his back (secured with blocks inside.) He has foam teeth and there is a monofilament line coming out of his head with a ring on it. Wear the ring while you make him walk and it will open and close his mouth. 

I can provide video of him in a performance, if interested.

NOTE: I'm sorry but I am unable to ship this guy. He's just too big with sticks and all. I'm happy to negotiate a pick up or delivery in the greater Nashville area.

CONDITION: He is as new. 

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