Five yellow tutu flower costumes

Five yellow tutu flower costumes


Each costume includes five pieces.

The yellow tulle tutus are 28" long. They are made from several layers of yellow tulle laid over a yellow acetate lining. They have white elastic waistbands with a drawstring. They can fit waists up to 40".

The base layer is a strapless camisole t-shirt that has been hand dyed from white to deep green and ruched on the side seams with elastic. They have a built in bandeau shelf bra but it can be flipped up to accommodate a shorter torso. You can see the difference in the photos, the lighter green shows it flipped down. They range in size from Juniors Small to Juniors Large.

The next layer is a white chiffon petal skirt. They are serged around the edges and on a drawstring cord.

On top, the bolero style leaf shirt is made from a sheer, very, very, thin super stretch fabric. They have hems at the neck, cuffs and hemline. They have 3/4 length sleeves, cut leaves at the neck and a green drawstring at the hemline. This fabric is very delicate.

The headbands are high quality cotton velvet ribbons with yellow felt flowers. The yellow fades slightly into peach. Each flower either has a small string of beads or a fuzzy white yarn stamen. NOTE: these headbands have names written inside and have been sprayed with Febreeze.

All of the drawstrings have beads on the ends to keep them from coming out of their casing.

SIZE: The top two layers range from a Juniors Small to Juniors Large. The yellow skirt and white petals can accommodate from approximately 28" to 40" waist. The skirts are 28" in length. 

CONDITION: These have been worn in four performances but are as new. 


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