About ME



I have been sewing since I was a little girl. I made and sold things when I was a kid, teen and young adult. I made countless items for my growing children, including toys, clothing, decor, costumes, you name it. I studied Technical Theater in college, where I learned stagecraft & carpentry, lighting & set design.

In 2012, I volunteered to start a drama program in a local middle school. I have been directing, designing the sets, building them, choreography, making props, hand painting backgrounds and other graphic art and, of course, making all of the costumes. I would do all of this for each show, with up to 45 students per show. With no staff or budget, I enlisted the help of my family and used local free resources and recycled materials to create our sets and costumes.  I developed a quirky skill of being able to "make stuff out of stuff." I've made things out of many different types of draperies, bedding, misprinted t-shirts, old clothing, pieces of lamps, book bindings, a million different plastic containers, socks/gloves/scarves,  you name it. And I can make ANYTHING out of cardboard & coat hangers. 

Flash forward to the present- I've done twelve shows, had lots of fun, lots of tears, lots of stress, made hundreds of props & costumes and now I just want to focus my full attention on one or two higher level projects at a time. My dream costume to make (not wear) is Steampunk Mary Poppins or maybe Celia Bowen's Performance Gown from "The Night Circus." Though, I'm also a hardcore Harry Potter fan, so I'm always up for a challenge there.

When creating, I see potential in anything and put my all into everything. Just ask me.