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Proudly Introducing.........Our Newest Daughter!

She was born in Wen Zhou, Zhejiang, which is on the Eastern coast of China on April 12, 2006.

We will travel to be united with her around the beginning of February 2008.

Her full Chinese name is Hu Ru Xue

Her last name, HU is translated to "ancient moon" and
her first name RU XUE is translated to "like snow" which I think is so beautiful.

You can say her name in Chinese like this ... Hoo Roo Shyeh
And here is what it looks like in Chinese characters.

As you've already noticed, Sweet Ellery has albinism.
That means her skin doesn't contain the pigments that color skin or hair.
Her eyes are actually a pale blue or lavender color. They may appear pink because they reflect the
light off the blood vessels in her eyes. Her vision might be affected by this condition so she might need
glasses later or special equipment. Other than that, lots of sunscreen, hats and natural
fiber clothing like cotton. You know our family is used to that!

Click HERE for a page that I've compiled filled with lots more info on albinism
and photos that will show the beauty of this genetic condition.



I was able to secure an original copy of the newspaper that ran Ellery's finding ad. When a child is abandoned, the SWI is required to make a nominal attempt to locate the parents by running an ad in the local newspaper. These ads are often the earliest photo that adoptive parent have of their child, making them quite special.

We estimate that this photo was take as Ellery entered the SWI on July 24th, 2006 at three months old.



Here is one more photo I found while digging around on the group site for her province....
you can get a glimpse of her (Dec 2006 - 6 mos old) on the far right, bundled up at her friend's birthday party.
It's not much but we are thrilled to have it!! Also! next to that is another closeup from that birthday party,
which was Meili's, btw, sent to us by Ben's Mom. THANKS Ben's Mom!!


Here's a little glimpse from the DVD that Emily's Mom was so kind to send to us. THANKS Emily's Mom!!
We are happy to have anything that shows her moving a bit...this video was taken in May 07.

Here's another sighting! This is from the background of photo taken by Dawn as
she took her daughter back to the SWI for visit in Nov 07. Looks like she's crying :(

Yet another sighting!! These pics are from Ellery's good friend Zoe. Taken around October 2007.
Sent to the Wenzhou Yahoo Group by Zoe's Mom, THANKS Zoe's Mom!! glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics glitter graphics
Here she is!! These photos were taken in Dec 07! Check out the candy in her mouth and all over her face, LOL! And the cute little jingle bell bracelet!
What a sweetie & such a big girl!


When we travel to be united with Ellery, we will first go to Beijing (upper right) to visit the great wall for a day or so, then fly to Hangzhou (far right). Hangzhou is the capital of her province and that is where we will meet her, most likely in a government building of some sort or possibly in our hotel. UPDATE!! We are traveling in a group of three families. We will visit Ellery's orphanage (5 hour drive). Then we will travel by plane to Guangzhou, which is like our Washington DC, with the US Consulate to obtain her Visa. We will stay there in a fancy hotel and do a lot of shopping and getting to know Ellery, plus a ton of paperwork for the rest of our stay. In total, our trip will last exactly two weeks. The climate in Beijing is like that of Nashville, Hangzhou & Wenzhou are like Naples, Florida, and Guangzhou is like Miami.

You can see photos of her city HERE or HERE or read lots about her city HERE

HERE is an interesting National Geographic article about China's Boomtowns.
Be sure to look at the slideshows and images in the article.

HERE is a wonderful article about Hangzhou, where we will be spending our first days with Ellery.

A couple days after our referral arrived, we sent Ellery a care package. The outfit has a onesie, pants, hoodie & booties. Grammie bought it for her last Christmas! There is a stuffed elephant named Sprinkles, a knitted lovey blanket from Mommy, a butterfly rattle teether, a crib mirror, soft fabric book, a vinyl book with our photos in it, two disposable cameras that we will get back when we get her and candy for the caretakers. Probably most important of all, I put together a book with translations of all the questions I'd like to ask Ellery's caretakers about the first year and a half of her life, such as what crops are produced in her region, her personality, her schedule, what her first days were like, etc. I hope that they will fill this book out and return it to us, what a treasure to have! All of this was placed with love, hugs & kisses into a purple & lavender box and mailed by Connor & Maureen.


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Here are some pics of her orphanage, Wenzhou City Child Welfare Institution or CWI, which cares for special needs only and is right next door to the Elderly Care Institution as well. One thing you'll notice is that this it is very clean. We couldn't be happier about that! The babies are well clothed as well. We were told that this orphanage is in a more "wealthy" area, compared to others and that the often have their needs met more readily. Ellery certainly looks well fed and well cared for.


Here are some pics of her crib, though she's not in it at the time, or if she is, she is laying down so you can't see her.


The Entrance Gates

The Entrance Doors

The Kitchen ................... Fish Trays...YUM!!

Rice Steamers & Congee Cookers...........................A worker fries Tofu....YUM!!

The Address sign, The demolished neighborhood waiting for more construction

Left: (L)Rear of CWI, (R) Nail factory.................Right: (L) Elderly Housing, (R) CWI


Spotlessly clean Playroom ............................. Sunlit play area almost like a balcony

Elderly Housing residents sitting outside on a nice day

Ellery's Finding Spot

A special person was kind enough to have family friends take photos of this location in Wenzhou for us. Ellery was lovingly placed here on a spring day in April, 2006, where she would be found quickly by a policeman. I'm sure the garden (named Hongjing) is a gorgeous place in season.
The next two are the police station where she was taken before the SWI took her under their wing.
We are so very grateful to Epin for arranging these photos for us, they are priceless. Thank You!